I'm working on a new platform.  Schoology seems like a robust platform.  I have reservations about the structure, I really have come to depend on Edmodo's linear qualities for keeping students all on the same page while retaining the flexibility to make changes along the way.

The first unit I am putting up is how to build a dynamic ePortfolio that builds from a SketchBlog to a finished ePortfolio.  This unit is also a primer for documentation and its role in contemporary art, especially conceptual,  installation art, or ephemeral art like Andy Goldsworthy's.  This is definitely challenging.  Its at http://www.schoology.com/course/12168593/materials
if you want to take a look!


08/19/2012 7:36am

Trevett I tried looking at your course on schoology but it is listed as private. I am curious to see an example of a e-portfolio. We are going to attempt to create e-portfolios' through schoology and are looking for examples to help us guide our efforts. Thank you for the post.


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