This use of the artist's knife is lovely.  As some point soon I want to write a review but in the meantime, check out the links above.  This guy is amazing!

At Denison I had a great teacher for the knife, George Bogdanovich.  He got me working with a garden trowel sized knife and on canvases as large as I could reach without a stool.  Looking at these works I realize how little I took advantage of the tool's capabilities!  I have been looking for work of his online and only found a few references to him by other former students of his.  If anyone knows where to find him or his work, please let me know!


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    Trevett Allen is an artist-educator who feels that understanding art forms as an artist requires an attempt at making.  Creative thought is active and requires the body and motion for activation.
    When we study how artists work and mimic their process, we ultimately end up learning how they think and something about how they see.


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